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Cimitirului Evreiesc Gura Humorului

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General view of the cemetery

In 1857 Gura Humorului had a Jewish population of 190 souls. In that year also the Jewish cemetery was established. That cemetery was active until 1920.
In 1920 the "New" cemetery was established right near the "Old" one, and it is still open today.
I would welcome any photos of Gura Humorului Jewish cemetery and tombstones (with transcripts of the inscriptions if possible) to use on this page.
This cemetery (the old and the new) has about 2060 graves.
Stones beautifully cared for, many in German.
The new part was renovated recently by The Association of Gura - Humora Jewish Community Descendants.


Moses Lecker 1857 - 1938


Moses Meschulem Schacher 1884 - 1925 Anonymous Jewish soldier from Russia, buried in Gura Humorului Jewish Cemetery. WWI

The men Moses,That descended to the grave. Oh, on the break Now absent. Treads straight, Dour. Plots integrity, Weeping….


This tombstone witness, that here dwells a young man, 41 years old, went straight. Leave to sighs … and went to his world.

If  someone will meet you, and ask you, what this stone is? You will say! Soldier from Russia found here a rest. Fell robbed from vehement enemy…. Indeed his name disappears, but in front of GOD he will remembered.



 Cemetery Map


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